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How long does it take for claims to be processed?

Typically, most claims are resolved within 9 to 12 months. If legal action is required, the process usually takes around 15 months.

What types of compensation can I seek?

You can seek compensation for health issues, property damage, alternative accommodation expenses, removal costs, and sometimes lost rental income. Awards often exceed £3,000.

Who is responsible for paying compensation?

If your claim succeeds, the landlord or insurer will pay the compensation. Our fees are deducted from this amount, but you retain 100% of the damages awarded.

Can I still file a claim if repairs have been carried out?

Absolutely. Even if repairs have been completed, you can still seek compensation for any difficulties you faced before they were finished.

What are the costs associated with hiring a Housing Disrepair Solicitor?

The costs of engaging a housing disrepair expert depend on their fee structure. Our firm operates on a 'no win, no fee' basis, so you don't have any upfront financial obligations. However, it's essential to understand all potential costs, including the percentage of compensation claimed as fees if your claim is successful. Additionally, consider incidental expenses like obtaining medical reports or repair assessments.

Are there time constraints for initiating a claim against my landlord for housing disrepair?

Yes, there are specific time limits for making a housing disrepair claim. Generally, you have up to six years from the initial notice of disrepair to claim for property damage and three years for personal injury claims resulting from housing disrepair. Meeting these deadlines is crucial, as missing them could jeopardize your right to claim.

What kinds of issues do Housing Disrepair Solicitors handle?

Housing disrepair solicitors handle a wide range of issues, including structural defects, dampness and mould, heating failures, pest infestations, plumbing issues, electrical hazards, broken windows, and exterior problems like subsidence. Our expertise covers any disrepair that affects your living conditions.

How can I establish my landlord's liability in a housing disrepair case?

Establishing your landlord's liability involves gathering compelling evidence. This includes photographs of the disrepair, communication records with your landlord about repairs, notices you've issued, expenses incurred due to the disrepair, witness statements, expert reports from surveyors or contractors, medical records linking conditions to the disrepair, and references to your tenancy agreement outlining your landlord's maintenance obligations.