Mould, Fungus/Condensation Claim

A compensation claim for mould, fungus, or condensation arising from housing disrepair is a recourse available to tenants to recover losses and damages caused by such issues, often due to landlord negligence. Before initiating a claim for mould, fungus, and condensation disrepair, it's essential to consider several factors. Answering the following questions will help determine whether filing a claim is appropriate:

Criteria for Filing a Claim

  1. Tenancy Details:
    • Are you renting your home from the council or a housing association?
    • Are all your rent payments up to date?
  2. Landlord Responsibility:
    • Is your landlord legally responsible for addressing factors that contribute to mould, condensation, and fungus in your property?
  3. Notification and Response:
    • Have you formally reported the disrepair regarding mould, condensation, or fungus to your landlord?
  4. Timeliness of Repairs:
    • Has your landlord failed to address and rectify the issue within a reasonable timeframe?

Assessing Your Claim

If you have confirmed that these factors apply to your situation, you likely have grounds for a legitimate compensation claim against your landlord. However, if you remain unsure about your eligibility or the strength of your case, our housing disrepair experts are available to provide a thorough examination. This assessment is free of charge and carries no obligation.

Initiating Your Compensation Claim

Should you decide to pursue a claim for mould, fungus, and condensation issues, Housing Disrepair Barking can assist you through a straightforward process:

Step 1: Get in Touch

Contact our team to discuss your mould, fungus, and condensation concerns. Our partner law firm will gather pertinent information about your case during this initial consultation. This includes details about the extent of the disrepair, your communications with the landlord, and any other relevant documentation. Our consultation ensures our partner law firm can provide accurate advice tailored to your specific circumstances. Remember, our services operate on a No-Win, No-Fee basis, ensuring you incur no financial risk upfront.

Step 2: Build Your Case

Upon confirming the viability of your claim, our dedicated experts will begin compiling and organising all necessary evidence and documentation. This process includes:

  • Evidence Collection: Gathering photographs, reports, and correspondence supporting your claim.
  • Document Preparation: Our specialists prepare and submit all required paperwork. This includes formally notifying your landlord of the claim and initiating legal proceedings if necessary.

Step 3: Success

Housing Disrepair Experts remain committed to achieving a successful outcome on your behalf throughout the claims process. Our partner law firm provides regular updates on the progress of your claim, ensuring you are informed at every stage. Our experienced team conducts all negotiations with your landlord and their representatives, advocating vigorously for your entitlement to compensation.

Ensuring Your Rights and Confidentiality

Confidentiality and data protection are paramount to us. All information shared during the course of your claim is handled in strict compliance with UK data protection regulations. Your personal details are used solely to advance your claim and are kept secure at all times.

Fighting for Your Best Interests

At Housing Disrepair Experts, our partner law firm are dedicated to protecting your rights as a tenant. Our partner law firm aim to secure the highest possible compensation for the inconvenience and damages caused by mould, fungus, or condensation issues in your home. Our partner law firm undertakes all necessary actions to ensure your living conditions are restored promptly and fairly compensated.


Dealing with issues like mould, fungus, or condensation in your rented accommodation can be distressing. Taking proactive steps to address these concerns through a compensation claim is crucial to safeguarding your rights and well-being. Contact Housing Disrepair Experts today to discuss your case and initiate the process of filing your claim. Let us support you in seeking justice and obtaining the compensation you rightfully deserve as a tenant.